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Pup update

2 Feb
Maddie in cast


Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that Maddie is doing well after her surgery! She’s all bandaged and drugged up and looking good. The hardest thing now will be keeping her calm and still for the next few weeks…



Under the Knife

1 Feb

Alright guys,

megan and maddie

Maddie in her travelin' bag. She's a rollin stone.

My pup Maddie has big surgery today. 😦 She went back to the vet last week to get her splint off, and as soon as they started moving her leg around to see if her knee had set, it just popped right back out of place again. So it’s surgery time for the little pup, and they’re going to put a pin in her knee so that she won’t have any more problems and can run and jump and be just as active as ever. But of course that makes me one nervous momma today.

So if anyone wants to send her warm wishes, I’m sure she’d appreciate them. She’d also appreciate new chew bones, squeaky toys and delicious pup treats too, but I told her not to get too bossy…


Super Spooky Stuff!

3 Nov

Hey Guys!

So turns out, when you’re a grad student you don’t really have a lot of time for silly (i.e. fun) stuff like Halloween.  However, Megan and I did find enough time to carve some spooky pumpkins last weekend!  Let me tell you, it’s not so easy to find pumpkins in this town and the ones we did find were huge! So after a late-night search, Megan and I ended up with two giant pumpkins.

Disclaimer: These are super spooky, so if you don’t want to have nightmares you might not want to look.

Jack & the Bogey Man, our Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins!

Apparently someone likes pumpkin.

Gross pumpkin guts.

I have a punkin head!

In other news, I’m going back to Arkansas tomorrow for a few days for my best friend’s wedding.  I’m so excited and I’m going to be taking lots of photos (if I don’t freeze to death!), so expect a wedding post coming soon!

With love from Miami,


Jaundice pup

10 Sep

Remember those lilies we got from the flower vendor? This is what happens when they start dying and dropping their bright yellow pollen all over our living room.

Maddie with yellowMaddie with yellow on her neck