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Big Changes

3 Oct
Shannon wrangles the trash

Trash wrasslin'

Well guys, as you probably already know, Shannon is no longer residing here with me and the fishes. She is now a video intern at CNN! We found out about a week and a half ago about an internship there, and both applied and Shannon got it!

She’s now in Atlanta for the next two months and today was her first day. Wooo! I’m sure she was crazy nervous and whatnot, but we all know she’ll do great. And if there’s ever any doubt, she can just show them her trash wrasslin skillz.



Fancy livin

19 Sep

Fancy fins.

Shannon: “I feel like we are staying in a fancy hotel when we have a clean fish tank.”

Old Lady Coming Through

25 Mar

I know, I know, I really need to update and tell you all about Ecuador. I’ve been meaning to, honest. It’ll happen today or this weekend, cross my heart. But in the meantime, here’s a little picture in honor of me officially being closer to 30 than I am to 20. I’m getting so old…


birthday cat

If anyone needs me, I'll be eating candy and ice cream all day...

Cue the Charlie Brown Music

12 Mar

So, today I had a major Charlie Brown moment. Like when he tries to kick the football and that mean little girl snatches it out of the way and he TOTALLY BUSTS IT and she points and laughs. That biddy. I had considered keeping my pitiful humiliating moment to myself, but I mean, it’s this kind of crap that makes great blogging fodder. So here we go.

So, of course, since I blogged yesterday about how great everything is going getting ready for Ecuador, naturally the Universe decided to kick me in the teeth today. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling that crappy way you feel before you get sick. Headache, feverish, swollen, sore lymph nodes in my throat, you know, all that goodness. Oh, and did I mention I leave the country in 3 days? GREAT. I’m freaking out and popping echinacea and vitamin C.

To make matters worse, I had to drag my busted butt out of bed and go to shoot this photo/audio story I’m trying to make some progress on before I leave. And since I already feel bad, things naturally went REALLY REALLY WRONG. First, I get out to where I’m recording, which is this little beachside bar/historic Miami spot. It’s a strange place, but a good place for shooting. And I’m trying to record my audio, and I can’t get the audio recorder to work. Even though I spent an hour the night before testing it and making sure it works. OF COURSE.

I put the audio recorder away and decide to get some photos, so the trip won’t be a total loss. I go get the camera and have a seat on one of the picnic benches scattered around so I can gather my wits, adjust my camera settings, etc. After doing so, I get up, only to realize that my pants have some strange substance on them. Which ends up being, get this, WET. PAINT. Like, wet cream-colored paint ALL OVER THE BACK OF MY PANTS. Oh and did I mention that after it happened one of the employees started laughing and calling other employees over to look? Oh and did I also mention that only moments after this a ridiculously attractive cyclist rolled up and stopped to chat? Yep. TRUE LIFE.

So if anyone has any suggestions for getting paint out of my favorite pair of jeans, do share. I’ll just be in bed with the covers pulled over my head, popping vitamins and feeling like this: 


That’ll be $350

21 Feb

So one of the joys of living 22 hours away from our fathers, stepfathers, uncles, random male friends, etc, has been getting to do things like install shelves (see this post), talk to mechanics about brakes and belts, and make trips to our local Home Depot. And as of last week, we can add amateur plumbing to the list.

See, our toilet runs. Like, a lot. And it’s really, really annoying. When we first moved in, my mother mentioned we needed a new float in the tank. So we finally decided to fix it, and off we went to the  Home Depot where we purchase an all-purpose toilet repair kit. Only after we got it home and unfolded the directions did I think this might be a little bit over our heads. There were about 35 steps listed and numerous small, unidentifiable plastic parts.

But I mean, if some man with plumber’s butt can do it, so can we, right? Eeerrr…..right.

So Shannon documented the event with photos while I practiced my best plumber impression, low riding pants and all. Many confused and questionable moments later, after much giggling and silliness, I emerged from the bathroom floor damp and victorious. Only to find out that the float was not the problem. The stupid thing still runs. OF COURSE. It’s like it’s mocking me. Probably because it is. And our landlady is somewhere laughing maniacally.


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Boating in the ‘Glades

29 Jan

Hi Everyone!

Megan and I were fortunate enough to get to go on a private air boat ride this morning in the Everglades! We went out with a park ranger and a student from Texas A&M who was in town working on her thesis. It was SO fun! We finally got to see some alligators, along with turtles, many different birds and lots of beautiful scenery. It was so nice to get out of the city for a few hours and luckily we had a beautiful sunny morning in South Florida.

Here are a few photos from our outing:

Christmas Tree




Gator on the loose.


We scared all the birds.

Another bird

The Everglades

You can see the rest of our photos from this exciting adventure on Flickr!

More later,


Getting Back in the Swing of Things

19 Jan

Hey everyone! Happy belated New Year!

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, because I have learned that I rarely commit myself to keeping them, but one resolution I would like to try REALLY hard to make happen is blogging more. So with any luck, Shannon and I will be updating at least once a week, (fingers crossed). We’ll see how that works out…

Shannon and I are back in Miami, which of course brings mixed feelings. But we’re excited about starting a new semester and getting back into the swing of things. It’s been an eventful week back so far, so here’s some quick updates, WITH PHOTOS! Everyone loves photos.

Maddie in splint

Her momma saw fit to decorate her splint for her.

maddie in a cone

Chewing on her splint landed Maddie in the Cone of Shame

We lost one roommate and gained two. My sweet little Maddie stayed in Arkansas, partially because we will be traveling this semester and I wasn’t sure I would be able to make arrangements for her while we were gone, but also because the little jumping jack was playing and dislocated her knee while we were home! She was jumping and landed wrong, and when we took her to the vet they were unable to get her knee to remain in place. So she ended up in a splint for the past few weeks. We were afraid she might have to have surgery, but her last checkup went well and with any luck she’ll be out of her splint in about a week.


Roger and Dolly on the way to their new home

So to ease the loss of my poor pup, we adopted two goldfish. Meet Roger and Dolly Parton. (hint: Dolly is the more curvaceous of the two…) They are happily bubbling around in our kitchen right now. Also, we’re pretty sure they’re in lurve, as Roger follows Dolly everywhere she swims to.

And speaking of fish, a botched zoo trip ended up turning into a spontaneous fishing outing with our classmate Kathryn and her boyfriend Joey. They took us down to their little fishing spot in a canal on campus, where we caught several fish and several turtles. (The turtles were an accident, we felt bad about them.) And we saw manatees!

I feel we should take a moment to give credit to Joey for being terribly patient with us. When I was a little girl and my stepdad would take me fishing, he spent about 10 percent of his time fishing and the other 90 percent was spent baiting my hook (I didn’t want to touch the bait), untangling me from trees, unhooking and releasing my fish, untangling my reel and of course taking me to the riverbanks so I could troop off into the woods to pee. Now imagine that with three girls instead of one. That’s what Joey did. He’s a gem, clearly.

shannon with a fish

Shannon caught the first fish!

Megan and fish

The first of my five fish!

In addition to fishing and collecting new roomies, we also made a trip to IKEA. I had never been to one before and Shannon did not adequately prepare me for the madness that is an IKEA store. SO. MANY. PEOPLE. And apparently in this ridiculous store of modern, Swiss, do-it-yourself design, there’s a flow. Like, you walk a certain way around the part of the store called the marketplace. YOU SHALL NOT BROWSE THROUGH THE MARKETPLACE ALL WILLY-NILLY! What do you think this is, Wal-Mart? WRONG.

our shelves


So somehow, we ended up going the wrong way through the marketplace, which was much like being salmon swimming upstream. I’m pretty sure I now have grey hair from the experience. But we did acquire some pictures for our walls and some new shelves. Which we hung all by ourselves thank you very much! We borrowed Joey and Kathryn’s power drill and went to town. And mind you, these shelves had two brackets they rested on! Two brackets which must be mounted independently, all while keeping them level and the proper distance apart! Granny, I know you are so proud right now, right?

So I mean, if we can conquer IKEA and hang shelves, this semester of grad school should be a piece of cake, right? Right.

More to come next week,