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From Port-au-Prince to Panathinaiko

29 Oct

Leo in Port-au-Prince

Well I’ve finally finished the second Haiti piece I was working on. This one, shot in Athens with a little help from the lovely and ever-so-talented Ms. Sanders, follows Team Haiti during their competition at the 2011 Special Olympics World Games. I followed them during their games, some of their downtime and at the closing ceremonies, which were held in the historic Panathinaiko stadium.

I can’t tell you how incredible it was for these kids to be there. They have never left their hometown, much less been able to travel and see the kinds of things they saw. Special Olympics also had events there to help athletes like the Haiti kids, such as the Healthy Athletes program, which put them all through complete physicals and examined their eyesight, hearing, etc. For athletes from impoverished areas like Haiti, this may be the first opportunity any of them have had to get a physical exam. It was certainly a first for many of the Haiti athletes. Gedeon discovered he needed glasses and he was fitted for some and they were given to him for free. It’s things like this that make Special Olympics such an incredible program and one I’m so glad to have worked with.

Anyway, you can see the video below, or if that doesn’t work you can view it here:

Oh and also, I don’t think we ever published the photos from our trip to Haiti in April. So I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr, where you can check them out! Most of them were taken by Shannon, she’s great with photography! Check them out here:

And let us know what you think in the comments!


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