The Great Deluge, Day 3: Stinky Carpet Abounds!

1 Nov

I feel like this lady.

Well y’all. It just keeps getting better.

Apparently I called a terrible company to come out here and deal with this. COULD MY LUCK GET ANY WORSE? I went to bed feeling highly unsure about this carpet issue, due to the fact that there was still a TON of water in the floor. Woke up in the middle of the night to the powerful stench of mildew. Like, knock your socks off powerful.

So this morning I got up and called the carpet company that had been out here previously. I explained to the woman that I didn’t think this was normal and that it stunk to high heaven in here. She said told me that shouldn’t happen, that they should have sucked water out of the carpet and the padding underneath and there shouldn’t be a ton of it left. Well, I told her, the guy did the carpet, but he did not do the padding. At all. So she calls the dude. AND THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET RIDICULOUS. He then calls me and is telling me that everything is fine, it will take a few days to dry, not to worry about it, and he’ll come out tomorrow morning. I try to tell him about the smell, he’s like oh yeah don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

I get off the phone feeling a bit befuddled, and I decide to just call the lady back and just voice my concern again, just to have it on record. I call and explain that Erin said not to worry about it but that I was still a bit concerned because it stinks like crazy in here and I don’t think that’s normal. She says, no, that’s not right, I’ll call him. AND THEN HE CALLS ME AGAIN ALL IRRITATED BECAUSE I CALLED HER. Like, in what world is it professional to run a business that way? I call and talk to the company, the company calls their worker and tells him I’m complaining and he calls me telling me not to complain? REALLY?

I try to calm him down and explain to him that I’m not trying to get him in any trouble, I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just very worried because the carpet isn’t drying fast enough to prevent mildew and the smell is so strong you can smell it outside the apartment. Oh and by the way water is leaking out of all of my air vents. THAT’S HOW MUCH MOISTURE IS IN HERE, PEOPLE. He simmers down a bit, tells me he can’t come back until tonight. Well I have to teach class tonight, so tomorrow morning will have to suffice.

And then I try to get some work done and move on with my life. But the more people I talk to about this, the more people are like, nooooo, that doesn’t sound right. So this afternoon I call the lady back one more time and say I’m not seeing eye-to-eye with Erin, that something has to be wrong, I’m very concerned and I’m just trying to get this taken care of, blah blah blah.  This lady then turns it around on me saying it could be very expensive to get this fixed and she tried to tell me that when I first called to get an estimate and I chose to do a simple extraction (Erm, no I didn’t “chose” anything, I asked to get someone out here to take a look at it, this dude showed up and told me he could take care of it), that there may not be anything they can do because the carpet might just be ruined and have to be replaced, so on and so forth. Oh and on top of that, she called the dude again and he immediately called me again, I’m sure to chew me out for calling again. I decided against answering his call. The joys of caller ID!

Basically, things are only getting worse around here. And I’ve got no clue what to do at this point. He’s showing up tomorrow morning and my friend Brian is going to be here as my witness, but basically, I’m now the smelly girl. I have a smelly apartment and it’s not likely to get fixed any time soon and I may get some kind of fungal growth inside me because of the massive amount of mold and mildew and I’m destined to be stinky until I can move out of here in December.

So, now that my apartment and all my things stink, who wants to hang out?!



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