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Old Lady Coming Through

25 Mar

I know, I know, I really need to update and tell you all about Ecuador. I’ve been meaning to, honest. It’ll happen today or this weekend, cross my heart. But in the meantime, here’s a little picture in honor of me officially being closer to 30 than I am to 20. I’m getting so old…


birthday cat

If anyone needs me, I'll be eating candy and ice cream all day...


Arrival in Ecuador

16 Mar

Not much has happened yet, but I thought I would put up a quick post to let everyone know Brian and I have arrived safe and sound in Ecuador! We arrived in Quito around 6:30, got all our luggage (all 150-200 pounds of it) and found our contact here, Nico. He is super nice and just as excited about us being here as we are! Then we took off to our hotel, which is just lovely by the way, and got all settled in. Brian and I opted to have dinner at the hotel for the sake of ease, which was a good thing because as soon as we sat down, a wave of fatigue hit me like a freight train. I’m not sure how I have my eyeballs open to type this blog post actually. Oh, and after dinner we video chatted with Shannon and Chelsea all the way over in Korea! They’re doing great and are getting some good footage and funny stories from what we heard. It’s so nice that technology allows us to see them and hear their voices all the way across the ocean!

Tomorrow we get up early and drive about 4 hours to the coastal town of Esmeraldas, where we’ll meet some of the Special Olympics athletes, figure out which one we want to interview and go ahead and interview them, and also film some B-roll. We’ll also be dining on incredibly fresh and cheap seafood, Nico tells us. Apparently you can get a whole lobster out there for about $14 bucks. Um, yes please!

We’ll be spending the night there and will do some more filming on Thursday before heading back to Quito Thursday night. Then we’ll be filming in the soccer stadium on Friday and Saturday, and heading back on Sunday! Woo!

So that’s about all the news I have for now, I’ve got to get off here and get my beauty rest. It was dark as we came in, so I haven’t been able to take any real photos yet, but here’s a couple silly shots. More soon!


Cue the Charlie Brown Music

12 Mar

So, today I had a major Charlie Brown moment. Like when he tries to kick the football and that mean little girl snatches it out of the way and he TOTALLY BUSTS IT and she points and laughs. That biddy. I had considered keeping my pitiful humiliating moment to myself, but I mean, it’s this kind of crap that makes great blogging fodder. So here we go.

So, of course, since I blogged yesterday about how great everything is going getting ready for Ecuador, naturally the Universe decided to kick me in the teeth today. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling that crappy way you feel before you get sick. Headache, feverish, swollen, sore lymph nodes in my throat, you know, all that goodness. Oh, and did I mention I leave the country in 3 days? GREAT. I’m freaking out and popping echinacea and vitamin C.

To make matters worse, I had to drag my busted butt out of bed and go to shoot this photo/audio story I’m trying to make some progress on before I leave. And since I already feel bad, things naturally went REALLY REALLY WRONG. First, I get out to where I’m recording, which is this little beachside bar/historic Miami spot. It’s a strange place, but a good place for shooting. And I’m trying to record my audio, and I can’t get the audio recorder to work. Even though I spent an hour the night before testing it and making sure it works. OF COURSE.

I put the audio recorder away and decide to get some photos, so the trip won’t be a total loss. I go get the camera and have a seat on one of the picnic benches scattered around so I can gather my wits, adjust my camera settings, etc. After doing so, I get up, only to realize that my pants have some strange substance on them. Which ends up being, get this, WET. PAINT. Like, wet cream-colored paint ALL OVER THE BACK OF MY PANTS. Oh and did I mention that after it happened one of the employees started laughing and calling other employees over to look? Oh and did I also mention that only moments after this a ridiculously attractive cyclist rolled up and stopped to chat? Yep. TRUE LIFE.

So if anyone has any suggestions for getting paint out of my favorite pair of jeans, do share. I’ll just be in bed with the covers pulled over my head, popping vitamins and feeling like this: 


Leaving On A Jet Plane

11 Mar

So I’m a terrible blogger, I know. I made it what, all of like, 3 weeks before breaking my new years resolution? I blame grad school, folks. It’s not my fault!

Shannon at airport

No no no that's not what we want! We just wanted to check the bag, bit somehow it got wrapped in green plastic...whoops

Anyways, this morning bright and early at 4:45, Shannon and I piled into the car with her 50 pounds of gear and dropped her off for her trip to South Korea! Hooray! She and our lovely classmate Chelsea will be filming a story there for Special Olympics! It’s going to be great.

And on Tuesday, me and Brian Schlansky, or as most of us here call him, The Big Div, will be leaving for Ecuador to film our own Special Olympics story. Naturally, I’m super excited. We’ll be staying in Quito, the capital, for most of the time, although we’ll also spend a few days in the coastal city of Esmeraldas. Fun!

And then in April, Shannon and I get to travel together to do a Special Olympics story in Haiti. So big things on the horizon! Exciting things! Things that make my mother worry! 🙂

Anywho, I’ve got to go get to packing, but I’ll try my hardest to blog from Ecuador and post some pics, as well as just being a better blogger in general.

Wish us lots of luck in our travels!