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That’ll be $350

21 Feb

So one of the joys of living 22 hours away from our fathers, stepfathers, uncles, random male friends, etc, has been getting to do things like install shelves (see this post), talk to mechanics about brakes and belts, and make trips to our local Home Depot. And as of last week, we can add amateur plumbing to the list.

See, our toilet runs. Like, a lot. And it’s really, really annoying. When we first moved in, my mother mentioned we needed a new float in the tank. So we finally decided to fix it, and off we went to the  Home Depot where we purchase an all-purpose toilet repair kit. Only after we got it home and unfolded the directions did I think this might be a little bit over our heads. There were about 35 steps listed and numerous small, unidentifiable plastic parts.

But I mean, if some man with plumber’s butt can do it, so can we, right? Eeerrr…..right.

So Shannon documented the event with photos while I practiced my best plumber impression, low riding pants and all. Many confused and questionable moments later, after much giggling and silliness, I emerged from the bathroom floor damp and victorious. Only to find out that the float was not the problem. The stupid thing still runs. OF COURSE. It’s like it’s mocking me. Probably because it is. And our landlady is somewhere laughing maniacally.


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Pup update

2 Feb
Maddie in cast


Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that Maddie is doing well after her surgery! She’s all bandaged and drugged up and looking good. The hardest thing now will be keeping her calm and still for the next few weeks…


Under the Knife

1 Feb

Alright guys,

megan and maddie

Maddie in her travelin' bag. She's a rollin stone.

My pup Maddie has big surgery today. 😦 She went back to the vet last week to get her splint off, and as soon as they started moving her leg around to see if her knee had set, it just popped right back out of place again. So it’s surgery time for the little pup, and they’re going to put a pin in her knee so that she won’t have any more problems and can run and jump and be just as active as ever. But of course that makes me one nervous momma today.

So if anyone wants to send her warm wishes, I’m sure she’d appreciate them. She’d also appreciate new chew bones, squeaky toys and delicious pup treats too, but I told her not to get too bossy…