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Finally Finished!

18 Nov

football video thumbnail

Guess what everyone! I’ve finally finished my first video project! Hooray!

Our assignment was called “Video Postcards” and they are meant to illustrate an iconic place or an element of life in Miami using only video and the ambient sound in the location. Our topics ranged from the cigar shops in Little Havana to Wall’s Ice Cream Parlor, which has been around for decades. As you know Shannon is covering the Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market and my topic was high school football.

I went to a few games, got heckled by some silly high school boys, saw some great football and tried to capture the atmosphere, sights and sounds of a high school football game.

So here’s the finished piece, for your viewing pleasure! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!
(Be gentle with me, it’s my first video and I have delicate little feelings)

Friday Night Lights video




Web Wonders update

15 Nov

Hey all,

Just a quick note, if you tried to look at my photo gallery in Internet Explorer, none of the text appeared. So check it out again, it should be fixed. Also, you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer, it’s like the worst browser ever. But that’s another matter.


Web Wonders

12 Nov

Hey everyone!

I know I promised video soon and Shannon promised an Arkansas post but we are SO TOTALLY SWAMPED. Also, none of those videos are finished just yet, although some of them are getting very very close. And in addition to  working on four video projects, we have our final web project which happens to be a portfolio, so it has to be crazy good, and a final paper. Whew! No time for fun when you’re in grad school…bummer.

But I wanted to share one of our recent web design projects with you. We had to design a photo gallery to showcase some of our photos from an event or trip. Now, i know these pages may seem simple, but trust me, it is so not easy for us to do web coding. We had some help from our fabulous programmer friend here, otherwise we probably would have never made it!

So here they are! Mine can be found at this link and Shannon’s can be seen here!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Super Spooky Stuff!

3 Nov

Hey Guys!

So turns out, when you’re a grad student you don’t really have a lot of time for silly (i.e. fun) stuff like Halloween.  However, Megan and I did find enough time to carve some spooky pumpkins last weekend!  Let me tell you, it’s not so easy to find pumpkins in this town and the ones we did find were huge! So after a late-night search, Megan and I ended up with two giant pumpkins.

Disclaimer: These are super spooky, so if you don’t want to have nightmares you might not want to look.

Jack & the Bogey Man, our Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins!

Apparently someone likes pumpkin.

Gross pumpkin guts.

I have a punkin head!

In other news, I’m going back to Arkansas tomorrow for a few days for my best friend’s wedding.  I’m so excited and I’m going to be taking lots of photos (if I don’t freeze to death!), so expect a wedding post coming soon!

With love from Miami,