A Day in Dania Beach

3 Oct

Hello again Internet! Look! We’re posting again, and it’s only been a few days since our last one! Aren’t you proud?

This weekend Shannon and I took a day trip to Dania Beach, which is about 25 miles north of where we live. We went to visit our friend Dr. Montgomery, who was my thesis advisor and is the reason we are even at the University of Miami in the first place. She was the one who encouraged us to apply and told us about the program and how great it was. And now here we are!

So we drove up to her place in Dania Beach and visited a while and played in the ocean. She lives RIGHT ON THE BEACH. So cool. And we had a lovely lunch on the water, with gulls and local birds swooping over and onto abandoned plates all the while. I was a little afraid they were going to come peck at me and steal my food.

We also did some interviews while there for our research class. Dr. M set us up with some folks she knew who fit the description of what we were looking for. I spoke with a man named Claude who was from Cameroon and was absolutely fascinating. I’m hoping I can talk to him again for a video project at some point.

And we ended our visit with ice cream on the beach (red velvet and coffee fudge, yum!) Then we had to return home and try to get some work done. Bummer.

Here’s a few photos from our time in Dania Beach. I also threw in a couple pics of our festive new Halloween decorations, courtesy of Ms. Shannon Sanders. She brought them home this evening after filming all day. And she brought candy. Oh Shannon. You know me too well.


Shannon navigating our way to Dania Beach

sleeping puppy

Dr. Montgomery's baby, Mr. Puppy.

puppy's nose

Aww, sleepy pup!


The view from our table at lunch. Nice!


Obligatory artsy shot. I bet this place is pretty at night...

shannon at lunch

Shannon at lunch. She caught me snapping pics of her.

spooky skull

Whoa, look at that scary skull pumpkin!

Glowing pumpkin


Megan and Dr. Montgomery

Megan & Dr. Montgomery at lunch

On the water

Lunch on the water


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